Louis Netter is a practising illustrator with over 15 years of experience. His satirical illustration has been published in magazines and books and his artwork is collected by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Library of Congress amongst other collections in the US. In 2017, a comic collaboration with Olly Gruner was published in the Corbyn Comic (Self Made Hero(UK)). His comics have also been published in World War III illustrated. He is exploring further ‘comic as research’ projects following the publication of Steal This History in the journal Re Thinking History, published by Taylor and Francis. He has completed a graphic novel called Lizard World and he is working on a collection of stories about CIA misdeeds with Nathan Callahan called Madness. He has recently received his PhD from the Royal College of Art. He operates his own website at http://www.louisnetter.com/.

Like the kid in his middle school class drawing his teacher with a thick wart addled nose, and wild electric hair, drawing is at once engaging and provocative and, inexcusably cruel and petty. My reportage drawings carry with them the weight of their weary creator. Drawing Americans in particular is an activity fraught with outrage and deep, penetrating sadness. We are at the end of at least one kind of world. If what is revealed in my drawings is true then we are screwed. If they are the product of my paranoid delusions then I guess we are safe. For now anyway. Enjoy the drawings and feel free to contact me at louisnetterart@gmail.com. My website is at: www.louisnetter.com.

My book Life’s Too Short For Nuance is available here: Amazon

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