It’s morning in America

24 Nov

Having realized that negativity in blogs is par for the course, I am making a conscious effort to bring optimism and sunshine into this usually dark corner of the cyber world. The modern world, as embodied in American culture, is a world full of infinite possibility and wonderment. The small and large screens that demand our attention are making us more flexible problem solvers and creative thinkers. We are okay. We are great in fact.

 The ever fluid American culture has been a baffling subject for me for quite some time. I have been a sideline jester for too long. However, to engage the culture full-on is to dance with a hungry lion. I am already a little chewed up. I am seeking to distance myself from the depression porn of news and opinion and strive towards a worldview less gloomy (albeit less accurate). I want to be like everyone else.  

 So going forth, my drawings will carry with them the jaundiced eye of a disappointed citizen but I will look up, not down in my orientation toward the future. I will look ahead and avoid the open manholes of despair and defeatism, skipping towards Main Street maybe even picking up a flat screen TV on my way (I could really use one. Currently squinting at a 13 inch tube!).  

 Still, I sharpen my pencils and save my energy for what is surely the coming era of Palin. Or, as I like to call it, Thatcher part deux. There are still challenges but maybe the sand in my ears will make the screams a little dimmer. Here’s to turning over a new leaf and wiping all that crap off of it.

 Enjoy these random drawings.

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