23 Feb

These drawings were done on a single day in Walthamstow Market in London. It is a very different place from 1997 when I lived there. The market was fairly deserted and store fronts seemed tired and dated. It was a difficult place to draw and not draw attention. I ducked into many side alleys and roads to draw on my knee on bike stands and front porches. Often when worried about being noticed I was met with total indifference and other times, when seemingly shrouded from view, I had quiet observers appear and startle me. It would seem that drawing is for some such a foreign activity that is neither suspicious or provocative. Young kids are particularly uninterested, seeing what I am doing as either archaic or incomprehensible. I do wonder how people in general are engaging with the tangible realities of a shared planet of people when their heads are stuck in a digitally mediated world. Drawing brings such an intimacy to experience that it inevitably connects one to the day to day realities of the people around us. Long may we look up and not just down at the world around us.

walthamstow.netter-1 walthamstow.netter-2 walthamstow.netter-3 walthamstow.netter-4 walthamstow.netter-5 walthamstow.netter-6 walthamstow.netter-7 walthamstow.netter-8 walthamstow.netter-9 walthamstow.netter-10 walthamstow.netter-11 walthamstow.netter-14 walthamstow.netter-21 walthamstow.netter-22 walthamstow.netter walthamstow.netter16

One Response to “Walthamstow”

  1. Mary Noll February 24, 2015 at 11:20 am #

    Wonderful, Lou! Hope all is well w/baby, family.

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