Mining the pavement

20 Mar

These drawings are from my commute, Portsmouth and London. This collection of people were spotted in ordinary locations and playing out the routine of ordinary life. What they reveal is the remarkable theatre of the everyday that sees individuals and groups engaged in small and large dramas which inevitably, when drawn, have a distilled, symbolic weight. Out on the street we are always going somewhere else. I am mining the pavement to see if those transitory moments represent a kind of destination unto themselves. Perhaps drawing of this kind is a meditation on our time alone. Our time disconnected from origins and destinations where we confront our own thoughts among others similarly caught in transitory states. Enjoy!

portlondon.netter portlondon.netter.11 portlondon.netter-10 portlondon.netter-9 portlondon.netter-8 portlondon.netter-7 portlondon.netter-6 portlondon.netter-5 portlondon.netter-4 portlondon.netter-3 portlondon.netter-2 portlondon.netter-1

One Response to “Mining the pavement”

  1. Mike Booth March 21, 2015 at 6:08 am #

    “Mining the Pavement,” indeed. Lou, have you got a poet who writes great titles (like Life’s Too Short for Nuance) for you? Lovely work lately, a qualitative leap forward.

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